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Letter to My Free Agents
October 26, 2010, 4:13 pm
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Hi! How are you? I’m just checking in with you since giving you the e-commerce site.
I have to say I can’t thank you enuf for giving it a go with me!
I am still getting it figured out on my end and sure you are too.

One thing I can clear up is this. On facebook I checked some of those paid ads on the right about Zamzuu. If they are trying to sell you something it is not zamzuu! The site I gave you is FREE for LIFE and all training so far from zamzuu has been free also. So, don’t get scammed!

I think this whole thing with the future of shopping being online is really going to be big, And at the same time it may take some time before we are generating serious income on our sites. But we are really in a good position. Just tell your friends to help you by doing the shopping they are already doing online at your site! They are helping themselves, too. For example, walmart has agreed to be part of Zamzuu and give the same discounts and offers, PLUS, cash back at your site. They get cash back and you get a commission.

Here are three websites to help you get more familiar with the business:

You have a back office you sign into with your user name and password. There is a quick video overview of your back office there.

And on the page where you signed up for your site here, there is another video overview of how the e-commerce site itself works, well worth watching. And this is where you would send any of your friends who would like a FREE website from me, Judith Arnold!

And this site has 3 video presentations that I found really helpful.

I plan to stay in touch with you and keep you updated as I learn.
Love, jude

Please let me give you a FREE e-commerce site
Rev.Dr.Jude Arnold

Dear Online Friends,
September 18, 2010, 2:52 pm
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I have a friend who has been making a million dollars a year doing this before when they were just travel!

You may know that I’ve been investigating opportunities to make money on the internet for some time now. Most of the networkmarketing schemes seemed to be just that; me selling you an opportunity to sell your friends this thing that is nothing but a scheme. I could not get behind any of them….. until Zamzuu!

I am now the proud owner of my own Revolutionary, multi-million $$$$$$$ website!
In the last 8 years, E commerce as been a real “game-changer”! 85% of people are now making their travel plans, including airfare, hotel and car, and shopping for groceries, business supplies, tools, clothes, jewelry, insurance, books, art, concert tickets, flowers, etc., all online!
Welcome to Thomas Creek!
At my new shopping mall you get cash back on purchases you are already making at over 600 of the same stores!
Check it out!

But why stop there! I am a broker; which means I now have
a license to give YOU a website for FREE! Yes! FREE for LIFE !!! Earn 30% of the commissions on any travel booked on YOUR site and any online shopping done through YOUR site at over 600 major chains, includingWal-mart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Macy’s, Barnes & Nobles, etc!!!!
To get your own free shopping mall online go to:

If you really want to generate a substantial income, there is an opportunity for you to be able to give away an unlimited amount of websites to help the people you know!
To buy a broker license, go to:

I hope you, my online friends, decide to join me in this exciting new business opportunity and the future of shopping!
Love, Jude
Rev.Dr.Jude Arnold