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The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth by Erin Dragonsong 2011
May 31, 2013, 2:57 pm
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Decades ago, many sensitive people began feeling The Shift. We could see into life’s pattern, and know – at least vaguely- what was coming. Remember when we were the freaks, when society stared at us like crazy people let loose in the streets?
Have you realized yet? – WE ARE BECOMING THE NEW STATUS QUO! Caring about the Earth and all Her creatures, pursuing spiritual awakening, connected with the power of magick and manifestation, working with energy and subtle forces, healing through the heart….
You are not alone, anymore! Someone told me, “There’s only one shaman per village.” We are spread out, to saturate the world with this new consciousness.
It is vitally important to connect with other “modern shamans,” to ground yourself in this new reality, to be reminded that you are not crazy. Together, we are lighting up a pathway to a beautiful future of peace, prosperity, and joy – a world where the heart and soul are the beacons we are guided by.
So to my sister-sensitives, don’t ever doubt your gifts, or your value to the world! I am grateful that you, personally, have survived the challenges to hold up your own light for the world.
Bless you, sisters! Thank you for sharing your Light!
Your day is dawning at last!