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A First for Obama on Poverty!
September 25, 2010, 12:15 pm
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Ask your representative to reform our foreign aid laws and protect a critical aspect of President Obama’s new policies.

Last month, thousands of activists like you called on President Obama to create a new strategy to end global poverty. Our team was at a big poverty summit in New York this week delivering the message in person – and guess what happened?

President Obama just announced a sweeping new effort called the US Global Development Strategy – a first for any president!

But it must be renewed every four years – meaning with every new administration, the lives of poor people could hang in the balance.

We’re pushing Congress to change that by turning key parts of this new strategy into federal law – and we need them to act before their session is up. Can you help?

Make sure President Obama’s new strategy on foreign aid stands for administrations to come – email your House representative now!

There’s already a bill in the US House that would reform US aid to other countries and make sure key parts of Obama’s plan are safe for years to come. But it won’t move if the House doesn’t think it has the support to pass – and while nearly a third of the House has already co-sponsored this bill, your House representative hasn’t yet signed on.

And we don’t have a minute to waste. The current law on US foreign aid has been on the books for 50 years. It’s grossly out of date and doesn’t address the needs of modern poverty. The bill being considered by the House will reform the way the US handles foreign aid, turning a key element of the Global Development Strategy into law and preventing it from being changed with each new administration.

That’s why we need more representatives to co-sponsor this reform bill and show the White House, Congress and the world that they’re serious about real solutions for global poverty.

Urge your House representative to co-sponsor this crucial piece of legislation before the end of the year.

President Obama’s new Global Development Strategy goes beyond giving aid in times of need. It takes a multifaceted approach to ending poverty – utilizing diplomacy, revamping trade and investment policies, reforming our foreign aid policies and partnering with governments, NGOs and the private sector.

This new initiative can help millions of poor people lift themselves out of poverty. But if it isn’t made into law, it could disappear in a few years.

Make sure the new policies on global poverty stand the test of time – email Congress today!

Thanks to you, we’ve scored a critical victory in our efforts to secure real, lasting solutions for lifting people out of poverty. And I know that, with your help, we’ll succeed in this latest endeavor.

Thank you for your support.


Raymond C. Offenheiser
Board of Directors
Oxfam America Advocacy Fund