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Jan Does Europe – the new ebook

Cover of Jan Does Europe

Catch a Falling Star! Francene Hart

JAN DOES EUROPE includes two books based on the journals of the late Janet Kay Arnold.
JAN: A DEVOTIONAL, is the composite of years 1979–1990 in this beautiful woman’s life.

JAN DOES EUROPE is the diary Jan kept traveling through Germany, Holland and Belgium, sailing in Spain and working in France. She returned from Greece six months prior to her death. Jan Arnold was in perfect health when she drowned at the age of 32. Her body was never recovered from a scuba diving accident in the Caribbean.

Rev. DR. JUDE ARNOLD, Jan’s sister, is a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine and an Ordained Minister. JAN DOES EUROPE is a study in the behavioral sciences with interesting moral, ethical, and sociological questions. Rev. Dr. Arnold hopes you will find Jan’s memory inspiring.


“From the author of The Last Lipizzan comes the much-anticipated sequel, The Lipizzan ReUnion. Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold engagingly shares a true story and a piece of the Natural History of the Ozarks in this compelling read that both children and horse lovers adore. Have a heartwarming read as you immerse yourself deep into the story. Add this great book to your library today!”

The Last Lipizzans
New Ebook coming soon!

Cover of The Indepth Me

Swimming with Dolphins
Francene Hart

In 1990 Jude lost her beloved, younger sister, Jan, in a tragic and well publicized Scuba diving accident.

In 2003 Jude published Jan’s diaries in the controversial, Spiritual, Erotic Memoir, Jan Does Europe, also published by Author House.

The Indepth Me is, naturally, more intense than Jan Does Europe and gets into topics in Jan and Jude’s relationship, like men, diet, lifestyle, and travel, in much more depth. Jude has been working on this book since 1984, when she began her bike trip around the world. It is about conquering fear, journaling, therapy, astrology, and grief-work.

The Indepth Me begins with a detailed account of Jan’s drowning and the letters Jude wrote Jan afterwards. Then the reader is taken back in time to the letters Jan wrote Jude just out of high school. The two sisters exchange letters about their lives, work, and trips until Jan’s death.
The exciting conclusion of The Indepth Me will, hopefully, thrill, encourage and inspire you.

Cover of Marci Gets A Haircut

The Gift Francene Hart

Written by the Late Jan Arnold.

Edited and Produced by Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold.

3 Short Stories for Young People
(10 – 12 age group).

Really nice stories:

Jesse’s Garden – about a boy torn between two loves, gardening and baseball;
Next stop = St. Louis – about a boy taking the bus alone to visit his older brother;
The Haircut – about two sisters, one having a piano recital.

Cover of Sparkle!

Jan @ Bass Lake, 1960

Learning to ‘Sparkle’
Multifaceted Author Releases New Collection of Children’s Stories

PARTHENON, Ark. – The Rev. Dr. Jude Arnold presents a unique compilation of newly edited stories originally written by her late sister, Jan Arnold, in the new book, Sparkle (now available through AuthorHouse). The collection follows four books for adults and children previously published by this versatile author.
Sparkle consists of five short stories, accompanied by stunning black and white photography. Each story entertains children while teaching them valuable lessons. The story, “Sparkle”, illustrates how people can illuminate others’ lives. “Jenny Rides the Black Line” addresses important choices regarding health, exercise and friendship. “Haydaze” consists of fun and embarrassing mind talk. In “Mrs. Nibble’s Pies,” a rabbit family is robbed and replenished. “Croak” tells the story of how a bullfrog saves his family.
The author’s previous short story collection, Marci Gets a Haircut, also highlights stories by Jan Arnold that address real issues for children. “Jesse’s Garden” features a boy who is torn between two loves: gardening and baseball. In “Next Stop = St. Louis”, a young boy takes the bus alone to visit his older brother. “The Haircut” relates the tale of two sisters and a piano recital.
Arnold’s other writing credits include the children’s book, The Last Lippizzan, a true autobiography of a horse, and two adult novels that immortalize her sister’s story: Jan Does Europe and The Indepth Me. These novels are based on Jan’s journals and letters from her sister leading up to and following Jan’s tragic drowning in a scuba accident. Jan’s story inspires readers while posing interesting moral, ethical and sociological questions.
Arnold holds a doctorate in natural medicine and is an ordained minister and lifestyle consultant. She maintains a mobile day spa and a sophisticated web presence, which includes free alternative and natural health information, political articles, and a bulletin board.

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