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Madness: Podcast, by Dr. Steven Reisner
July 12, 2020, 7:39 pm
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I listened to all 6 episodes of Madness: the Podcast on Stitcher; and highly recommend you do too if your interested in current events, society, politics, psychology, activism and education. I give Dr. Steven Reisner 5 stars on his professional and personal perspective.

Not only because I have an interest in his topics, but as a new podcast creator, myself, I really liked his voice, presentation and way of doing the podcast.  Everyone does it differently, I see.  Some people seem to just wing it totally and just talk. Other’s are very well planned and put together. Dr. Reisner’s is the later.  Mine is a little of both.

There are 6 episodes of Madness published since October featuring the psychoanalysis of racism, climate, being Jewish, the American Dream, political lying and the constitutional crisis in which we find ourselves now.  It’d be well worth less than 3 hours of your time to hear what Dr. Reisner has to say.

My podcast is Star Circle by Rev Dr Jude on Anchor and on my YouTube channel. My professional and personal perspective is coming from Energy Medicine and Spiritual Psychology. I share songs, rituals and tools for your natural mental health toolbox. Since April I’ve put out 5 episodes including activism, meditation, oppression, forgiveness, healing, and consciousness.