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Holistic Dentistry, Eden CR
April 22, 2018, 2:03 pm
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Book a retreat this summer! Get your dental work done while enjoying the beautiful, green and peaceful Costa Rica! The holistic dentistry here is the best in the world. We’ll make and take you to all your appointments. In between appointments, you’ll participate in our life transforming program, that includes nutrition education, colon hydrotherapy, an array of Energy Medical treatments and your Mental Health Toolbox.

Here are two examples of dental health situations made simple, painless and inexpensive with our help here in Costa Rica:

First let’s talk about Mercury. In the US most dentists don’t consider Mercury poisoning as a cause of their patients’ depression. If the patient insists on having the Mercury removed it is expensive ($1000/tooth) and dangerous; the Mercury is drilled out of the teeth, creating a fine mist in the air of poisonous Mercury. Here in Costa RIca, it costs $50/tooth and is perfectly safe: they pop the Mercury out in one piece. Our retreat guests and we ourselves noticed an immediate difference when we had it done; a lightening, an alive feeling and improved mood.

The other issue is periodontal disease. Keeping in mind that the AMA and ADA agreed many years ago that it’s the exact same plaque that accumulates on our teeth as in our blood vessels. Even if you have been diligent all your life with dental flossing and regular teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist. You will eventually develop up to 10 millimeter pockets filled with plaque in your gums that require a below the gum cleaning. Again, in the US it will cost at least $1000/tooth and can involve surgery, stitches, lasers, chemicals and dependency on repetition of the treatment. Here in Costa RIca it’s less than $250 for your whole mouth and done the old fashion, simple way; like a regular cleaning with the use of Novocaine. Return to your good diet and dental hygiene and in one treatment the pockets will disappear.

Think about it! It’s never too late to take care of your teeth and reclaim your health with us here at Eden Costa Rica!

April 3, 2018, 5:48 pm
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