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Please Help Save the Garden of Eden❣️
February 17, 2018, 7:14 pm
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You may know someone or a group of someones interested in an opportunity such as this.

As you know I’ve been working with Dr. Randi Raymond the last 2 years here in peaceful Costa Rica developing Eden Wellness Community; a sustainable green building project based around organic farming, permaculture and Eden Retreat Center, a natural medical facility.  This vision also includes Eden Wellness Institute, the non-profit, spiritual, and educational component to the community.

Why is Eden important?  Eden is located next to Carara, the oldest national park in the world; an uncut, PreColumbian jungle with more diversity than anywhere else.  The Tarcoles river valley divides two distinct climate zones.  To the North is the dry deciduous forest ascending all the way to Seattle.  To the South is the tropical rain forest descending all the way to Argentina.  Carara and Monte Eden include all the species of both climate zones.

Of course they are in danger, due to the proximity of the capital city, San Jose, and proximity to Caldera, an international shipping port. The Costa Rican government cannot expand the areas they protect; it’s up to us. And right now, Randi’s vision of Eden is in serious danger of just not happening.  We have not found the one more million dollar investor that we need to secure the property; and the contract has run out.  We have 2 weeks to secure a $30,000 down payment with a letter of commitment.

I extend this special invitation to you and our global family with love and peace. Your secure investment in this property and business has tremendous potential to bring great benefit to all beings. You would be getting in on the beginning and able to create the kind of community in which you would like to live and future generations can thrive!

Thank You!  Love you!!  Bless you!!!

Rev.Dr.Jude (Jasmine)

Chief of Staff