Rev Dr Jude

Happy Thanksgiving from Eden!
November 18, 2016, 3:57 pm
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Our digestive system has been argued to be the most important body system; as it is intimately connected to all the others, especially our immune and cardiovascular systems. Our digestive system is certainly the one we have the most direct control of; as in “you are what you eat.”In addition to providing nourishment, our digestive system has a second function, to detoxify the body. You don’t have to wait until after New Years to begin your detox program! Let us introduce you to the age old concept of the daily fast. Simply allow 14 hours between the last meal of the day until “Breakfast!” Nourishing, hydrating, and sanitizing liquids go directly into the blood stream; so can be included during your fasting hours.

During your 10 hours a day of eating solid food, avoid “non-nutritives;” since your body still has to work to digest foods that contain no nutrition! Please don’t overeat! Ingesting unhealthy food and overeating both cause structural and functional disease. Eat moderate portions of a variety of healthy foods at moderate intervals! Chew your food well and enjoy!


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