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Black Friday Special 41% Discounts!
November 27, 2013, 5:53 pm
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Friends, this is your chance to own a piece of a Pure Jungle Nature Preserve in Costa Rica!

These 4 properties at ridiculously low prices!
These prices will NEVER be repeated again!!!

1. Lot # 29 in the Pura Jungla Nature Reserve – 8,124 square meters – access to water and electricity – Ocean view – Was $79,900 – Now only $49,900.
2. Lot # 3 – public road front 1,000 square meters with water and electricity – Was $24,900 – Now only $17,900.
3. Level lot in the town of Sardinal – 7,103 square meters – electrical service and public road frontage – Was $69,900 – Now only $49,900.
4. Strategically located Commercial property in Paraiso town center – water, electric and phone – Was $99,900 – Now only $69,900. (This is a gold mine, STORE FRONT Building located at the exact T in the road from Santa Cruz to Playa Junquillal and Playa Negra!)

At these giveaway prices buyer is responsible for closing costs.

Thank you and have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

From Pura Jungla Central,

Ray and the “monkeys”

Pura Jungla Nature Reserve and Sustainable Community on Facebook

CELL – – 506-8829-3706 (Yes, the local CR numbers are 8 digits instead of the usual 7!)
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November 10, 2013, 7:23 pm
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Yesterday, having lunch with a new friend and natural health colleague she shared out of the blue that by using 3 Ear Candles in each ear she had saved a man from unnecessary Ear, Nose and Throat surgery. She said that after she had burned the candles on one side she handed the man a mirror to see the difference. He could see a notable reduction in swelling on that side of his face. After doing the other side, the ringing in his ears was gone and so was the pain. This was not the first thing that has happened recently to move me to rethink again my position on Ear Candling.
A spiritual brother, Amrita, was doing Ear Candling at an event we were both attending a month ago. He had a half page posted on the bulletin board which purported to answer the question of How Ear Candling Works. I asked him if he had an extra copy for me to study and he did. I told neither of these colleagues about my experience with and first rethinking of Ear Candles.
Back in the 1980’s I was introduced to Ear Candles by a colleague I respected and loved very much. She is a homeopathic physician I will call Dr. Paul.
Dr. Paul used the Ear Candles on me and I found it to be a pleasant experience. I had never had problems with ear wax or ear infections; so imagine my surprise, shock and dismay when she cut the remaining candle open to reveal its contents. She said that brown, fuzzy stuff she was showing me was ear wax and fungus that the candle had gently sucked out of my ear canal. That everybody had this stuff in their ears.
In my Dragon nature, I barged ahead. I consulted several medical doctors, including Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, about the safety, etc., re: the use of the Ear Candles. All agreed there was probably neither benefit nor harm to their use. However, they considered Ear Candles to be considered contraindicated (forbidden, ill advised) in the case of infection or a broken ear drum. I understood this because the ear drum forms a barrier to an otherwise sterile area that is threatened by infection.
I proceeded with Dr. Paul’s help to learn how to make the Ear Candles. We used pure bees’ wax we got from bee farmers. We used this lovely organic linen. We put fresh herbs and essential oils in our candles. Dr. Paul’s husband made us these stainless steel rods. We tore the linen in strips and wrapped it around the rod. Then we poured the melted, herbed wax over the linen wrapped rods and gently slid the candle off. We could make 300 of them at a time, in a few hours in our own kitchen.
I began to build up a clientele. Dr. Paul and I also made a shield out of a paper plate covered with aluminum foil. It had a hole in the center for the candle. This shield protected the clients hair and face from dripping wax and falling ash.
I always encourage independence in my clients; so would demonstrate the use of the candles on the client for $50, showing them how to do it at home. You can Ear Candle yourself in front of a mirror. Dr. Paul and I made up a handout on a single sheet of paper that showed how to make the shield and Ear Candle yourself. The client usually purchased some candles to take home. We sold them for $25/dozen. Ear candles began to be a very financially lucrative project for me.
So, what happened? Why are Ear Candles NOT a part of my business anymore?
First, I had a personal experience, where I felt something go into my ear from the candle and it hurt. It was hot and burned. I thought perhaps I had been using the Ear Candles too often. Maybe my ears were too clean? Then it started to kind of bug me, that stuff in the candle after each use. That stuff we told people had been sucked out of their ear. Why was it always the same amount? Why did it always look exactly the same? This just did not make sense to me, the scientist.
So, I conducted an experiment. I took 8 clear drinking glasses and lined them up on the table. I put the shield on the top and one by one, burned an ear candle in each glass. I watched as the beautiful, herbed wax smoke spiraled into each glass, leaving a nice creamy residue. When I cut the candles open to examine the contents of each, there was that same exact stuff!
This experiment was conducted in the presence of Dr. Paul. She argued it did not prove that Ear Candles don’t work. I simply did not know how they worked; but I had however scientifically proved that the candle itself created the stuff we were telling people came out of their ears. So to satisfy my own need to be accountable, I quit making, using and selling Ear Candles.
All of those people I used the Ear Candles on, however, reported it to be a pleasant, helpful experience. I think it is possible that for people who have wax build up problems with their ears, that the warm wax may melt and dilute the ear plugs, improving their hearing. And that coating of herbed bees’ wax may be helpful to people with dry, itchy ears. And there may very well be immeasurable non-physical and psychic benefits as claimed by Ear Candle proponents.
The Art of Ear Candling is both an ancient therapy and a modern treatment, a gentle and natural treatment. “Traditionally Ear Candles were used to cleanse the aura in preparation for the state of trance, and to drive out negative energies. “Ear Candles are used as a clearance therapy to harmonize and cleanse the aura of the recipient and can be used for many problems associated with the ear and head area.”
Ear Candles are known to help with the following: temporary relief of headache, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), glue ear, sore throat and allergies; removal of excessive ear wax; relief of pressure after flying, deep sea diving or whenever an imbalance of pressure has occurred ; and relief of stress and anxiety.
Amrita explains how Ear Candles accomplish these benefits in this way. Slight under pressure (the chimney effect) inside the Ear Candle, a vibration of the rising air column, and the natural movement of the flame serve to gently massage the ear drum. “This has an immediate subjective effect of regulating ear pressure. After treatment recipients usually describe a soothing, liberating, light sensation in the ear/head area. While the candle is burning a pleasant heat sensation can be felt. Locally administered heat stimulates the peripheral blood circulation, thus intensifying the immune defense system and strengthens the cleansing circulation of the lymph glands. It also stimulates energy points and reflex zones. From an esoteric point of view the cleansing fire carries negative vibrations away from the fine metabolic energy fields and harmonizes the energy status.”
If you’re on Maui, email for a session!
I’m going to assembly the materials and start making Ear Candles again.

Save the Buffalo National River AGAIN!!!
November 1, 2013, 5:40 pm
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Please Join this Bipartisan alliance to save Arkansas’s National treasure from contamination by Cargill!!!