Rev Dr Jude

September 18, 2013, 9:52 pm
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I AM, the documentary, asks what’s wrong with our world and what’s right with our world. I am. Science is a 300 year old big story that sets the stage for separation, competition, materialism and mechanism. Machines are not alive. Business is based on scarcity and consumption, lies that cause our psychological problems and lead to war. Loss of community results in our loneliness. The economy is a modern day monster separating us from the natural world. Humans are not separate and better than all other life. Our basic nature is to cooperate. Aboriginal cultures hold cooperation as the highest value. It has now been proven that the basis of nature is cooperation and democracy. It is in our DNA. Darwin said sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature. This went ignored. We are hardwired for empathy. The Mirror Neuron shows our brains do not distinguish ourselves as separate from others. Genes and the Vagus Nerve connect us to care for and love one another. We are born to be egalitarian and democratic. Human emotion connects us with others. Happy states renew our physiology. Our heart is the seat of Spirit and the boss of us, not the brain. Human emotionality creates a real energetic field that affects other living systems. Nothing is separate. There is no separation. Mass mind focused changes the physical environment. The primordial mind matter interaction proves that we create our own reality to be true. Consensus in linked to behavior of the whole. We’re connected to all life on a fundamentally deep level. Everything is alive. Air unites us thru the Argon we breathe. Every breath infuses life into the future. All life is our biological kin. We should celebrate our dependence on our relatives, all life on earth. Science now explains the rightness of Spirituality. We are never alone. We must embrace the whole. Everything starts with consciousness. Everyday acts can build up over time into a great movement. Nothing in nature takes more than it needs. Apply spiritual principles to the political sphere! “Love will save our world” – MLK “If the Beloved was Everyone you could not possible go to war” – Coleman Banks The science of connection and unity, the universal nature of compassion and empathy, and the mystery and majesty of the human heart all point to the power of one. We are all connected as one. The way out is love. I Am Love.

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