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Prayer of Unity
January 12, 2012, 2:08 pm
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Prayer of Unity

The Prayer of Pir Zia Inayat-Khan
Opening ‘Awakening to The World’ Retreat,
July 7, 2011

Oh You, to Whom we belong,
To Whom we have always belonged,
To Whom we will always belong,

You, who appear to us in every face
You whose body is the whole universe, whose atoms are the stars,
You, who are the Harmony between all beings, the Web of Life,
The Great Tapestry into which we are all interwoven,

Allow us to sense You, to know You in all that we see,
in all that we hear, in all that we taste and touch and feel,

Let us too know that You are always beyond:
Deeper than every surface, more distant than every horizon,
And yet closer to us than our jugular vein,
Closer to us than we are to ourselves

Guide us, heal us, remind us that we are You;
That we are within You;
Every one of us another revelation of Your face.

Let us walk in harmony with all beings,
From the smallest invisible micro-organism
To the vastest inter-galactic intelligence.

Let us be plunged in the community of Your Life,
Let us perceive your innumerable transactions of life,
Swept up in the currents of your glory and ecstasy.

Let us walk humbly on the earth, knowing this as sacred ground,
Knowing this body given to us for our experience of life-as a temple
Let our thoughts, words, our actions always serve wholeness,
Always unite rather than divide.

Oh, you, to whom we belong, this whole world is a sign of your love.
And buried in the heart of each one of us is a love for you–the fullness of which,
the vastness of which –we have yet to discover.

Reveal it to us! That we may love You as You love us!



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bench jacken damen xl
I need to give thanks so much for the work you have made in writing this blog post. I am hoping the same effective work from you later on also.

Comment by bench jacke damen braun

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