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Who said there’s no cure for the common cold?
October 13, 2010, 12:07 pm
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Being Prepared for the Flu Season by Dr. Alice Laule
1. Black Elderberry Extract–1993 clinical trials showed that people who had gotten flu had gotten well on average in 2 days as opposed to those on placebo, who had 6 days of flu misery. Elderberry works on the hemaglutinin part of the flu virus, preventing the virus from entering healthy cells. We have Black Elderberry Extract available at the office in limited quantities.

2.Astragulus–This is a Chinese herb used in soups and broths. You can purchase the root and make a broth with it, or take it in capsule form, one twice daily. Astragulus boosts the immune system by increasing white blood cell activity, antibody production, and virus fighting interferon molecules. We have the capsule form of astragulus at the office.

3. Andrographis–another Chinese herb that is also used in Indian medicine. It is in common use in Sweden as a first-line treatment for flu and other upper respiratory infections. Double blind studies have shown that people with upper respiratory infections had statistically significant improvement as compared to those taking placebo. It seems to help headache, tiredness, sore throat, nasal drainage and fever more than it does cough. Some herbalists say that if you have been taking astragulus and get a fever to switch to andrographis. This herb is available at health food stores.

4. Hand washing and hygiene-A natural antiseptic, like a solution of grapefruit seed extract (GSE) to clean counters, sinks, handrails, light switches and such is important, especially if you are around family members or co-workers who are getting sick. A spray bottle with 60 drops of GSE in 32 oz. of water is the solution to use. If you start getting a sore throat, you can spray this solution right into your throat! (Note: NEVER use GSE straight-always dilute it.,) GSE is available at our office.

There is much more information on Boosting the Immune System at our Article Archives on our website at . Be sure to go there to check it out!

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