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Move-On wrote to ask for ideas, so here are mine. by Barbara Rockefeller
June 14, 2010, 5:58 pm
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I want something that you almost certainly cannot deliver…. I want the Democrats to fight back against charges of “socialism.” I am an economist. It offends me for that weasel Pelosi to smile when people say that. Fight back. I want the Dems to adopt a party resolution that they do NOT support BIG government and instead want Efficient Government. This is a Canadian idea that worked, by the way. I want the Obama Administration to conduct an audit of government bureaucracies (as they should have done with the MMS) and get rid of excess paperwork, bad workers, stupid laws badly applied, and other abuses of government power. They should start with the IRS. I want the Dems to make a Kennedy-esque “Ask what you can do for your country” inspirational statement of moral values. And that statement should include a Gore-style commitment to protecting the environment and fining companies into oblivion when they violate that value (BP). I want everyone who owns a boat to go buy 10 bales of straw and start cleaning up the Gulf as a voluntary act (the equivalent of Dunkirk). I want the Senate Dems to grow a spine and stick to the Constitutional 51% vote and stop this nonsense about every bill getting threatened out of existence by filibuster. Screw the filibuster. When you have power, use it. I could sit here all day and write down what I want. I have faith in Move-On, so get to it!

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