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March 12, 2010, 7:56 pm
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I had an interview for my ad coming up next month in the Radio TV Interview Report (RTIR).  In preparation I listened to a motivational talk by the producer of RTIR, Steve Harrison, on hooks.  “It’s not the book, it’s the hook!”  A hook is one phrase and an idea for a show that could be done around me.  I thought perhaps you’d be interested in the list of hooks I came up with for that interview.

Why can’t we feed Grandma to the dogs?

The secret to maintaining your perfect weight throughout life.

Natural Health aides to Miraculous Recover.

Do I need colon cleanising and cellular detox?

Can short stories for the juvinile reader improve school performance?

State wide Health Freedom Coalitions on the rise.

I’m an expert on the health care reform.

Has Oprah covered the case of Mumia Abu Jamal on her show?

I’m a female combination of Drs. Phil and Andrew Weil.

Can journaling help in the grief process?

Local celebrity self publishes 6th book on the Natural History of the Ozarks.

The importance of tolerance in the worlds religious traditions.

I’m ready for my own series including topics like massage, dance, modeling, meditation, thankfulness, gardening, making our own medicines and yoga.

I’m like a new age Dr. Ruth…. Ask Dr. Jude Show for online diagnoses.

My strong personal stories include how I dealt with my sister’s death, my miraculous recovery from a broken back, and my solo bike trip around the world.

I also have lots of experience doing rituals and ceremonies with Women’s Spirituality and music.

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