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Antiga and Jude wish You a very Happy Solstice! (Fun, Nature, Yuletide Music)
December 18, 2022, 7:36 pm
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The 21 Traditional Songs ReClaimed for The Goddess!
Be Pagan Once Again
Jule, Jule, Jule
Hurrah, Hurrah
We Are Awake
We Three Crones
The Holly and the Ivy
Hark the Nature Spirits Sing
Glory to the Stars
Dona Nobis Pacem
O Holy Night
Joy to the World
Midnight Clear
Oh Come Let us Adore Us
What Child is This
Deck the Halls
O Tannenbaum
Silent Night
Tidings of Comfort and Joy
Santa Lucia
Mother Berta
Sunny Solstice

Tara’s Giving Thanks Mandala Offering_2022 1204
December 11, 2022, 12:49 am
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I’ll See You on the Baracades!

October 28, 2022, 8:54 pm
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A film by
who brought you
“The Cosmic Hoax”
An Exposé
“Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”
Contact Has Begun
An Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secret

All of Dr. Greer’s movies have been “CrowdFunded” so that we get the truth!

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About the Film

From Dr. Steven Greer:

THE MOST IMPORTANT and HISTORY MAKING documentary of all time!

Against all odds, our crowdfunded documentaries “Unacknowledged” and “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” have reached hundreds of millions of people, transforming policy, culture and countless hearts. This was only possible with the generous support of you, our donors, and today we appeal to you again for your support of our new film The Lost Century — AND HOW TO RECLAIM IT!

What is the Lost Century?

A hundred years of illegal UFO secrecy has cost humanity a century of spiritual, cultural and technological development. This documentary exposes the cost of the coverup to the planet and the human race, and how we can reclaim control of our collective destiny.

Climate change, biosphere collapse, poverty, hunger, pandemics, energy shortages, religious and political tribalism and endless wars for natural resources have us teetering on the edge of extinction. What if all of these devastations were completely avoidable all along? What if through collective action, we can reclaim this lost century within the next 20 years?

Featured in the film will be actual free energy/zero point technologies that have existed for over a hundred years AND brand new ones that Dr. Greer’s team have investigated — and TESTED as real!

From the creator of “Unacknowledged” and “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”, The Lost Century tells the most urgent and explosive story of all: how a hundred years of illegal UFO and “free energy” cover-ups have robbed humanity of vital technologies and spiritual knowledge that could save the planet and elevate us into a space-faring civilization. These include:

  • ZERO POINT ENERGY, which would abolish fossil fuels, pollution and poverty forever
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC GRAVITICS, with which we can bend the fabric of spacetime to travel anywhere in an instant
  • CONSCIOUSNESS-ASSISTED TECHNOLOGIES, which tap into our latent spiritual abilities to manifest a desired outcome.

The film will unveil jaw-dropping evidence from the world’s most extensive top secret archives that spans a century of secrecy and visualize a stunning future in which all of humanity’s suppressed potential has been fully realized.

We will summarize these technologies — and EXPOSE exactly HOW they have been confiscated and suppressed — and WHY. We will also unveil the only strategy that can successfully break the gridlock of secrecy and give humanity and the earth a new world. Finally, through motion graphics, we will explain and show you what the world will look like in 20 years, 50 years, a hundred years — and beyond!

All of Dr. Greer’s movies have been “CrowdFunded” so that we get the truth!

Please donate if you can to help make this important movie a reality!

If Any of Your Loved Ones Died of HIV, You Really Must See This!!!
October 19, 2022, 5:13 pm
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Retreat with Pir Shabda in Costa Rica
September 27, 2022, 10:14 pm
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Register Here:

August 1, 2022, 6:30 pm
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I AM by Tom Shadyak.
July 29, 2022, 4:34 pm
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I AM, the documentary, asks what’s wrong with our world and what’s right with our world. I am. Science is a 300 year old big story that sets the stage for separation, competition, materialism and mechanism. Machines are not alive. Business is based on scarcity and consumption, lies that cause our psychological problems and lead to war. Loss of community results in our loneliness. The economy is a modern day monster separating us from the natural world. Humans are not separate and better than all other life. Our basic nature is to cooperate. Aboriginal cultures hold cooperation as the highest value. It has now been proven that the basis of nature is cooperation and democracy. It is in our DNA. Darwin said sympathy is the strongest instinct in human nature. This went ignored. We are hardwired for empathy. The Mirror Neuron shows our brains do not distinguish ourselves as separate from others. Genes and the Vagus Nerve connect us to care for and love one another. We are born to be egalitarian and democratic. Human emotion connects us with others. Happy states renew our physiology. Our heart is the seat of Spirit and the boss of us, not the brain. Human emotionality creates a real energetic field that affects other living systems. Nothing is separate. There is no separation. Mass mind focused changes the physical environment. The primordial mind matter interaction proves that we create our own reality to be true. Consensus is linked to behavior of the whole. We’re connected to all life on a fundamentally deep level. Everything is alive. Air unites us thru the Argon we breathe. Every breath infuses life into the future. All life is our biological kin. We should celebrate our dependence on our relatives, all life on earth. Science now explains the rightness of Spirituality. We are never alone. We must embrace the whole. Everything starts with consciousness. Everyday acts can build up over time into a great movement. Nothing in nature takes more than it needs. Apply spiritual principles to the political sphere! “Love will save our world” – MLK “If the Beloved was Everyone you could not possible go to war” – Coleman Banks The science of connection and unity, the universal nature of compassion and empathy, and the mystery and majesty of the human heart all point to the power of one. We are all connected as one. The way out is love. I Am Love.

Jasmine Crystal Tara Be
July 20, 2022, 6:12 pm
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OMG I just realized 10 years have passed since I wrote this in Step 3 “To Love Again”!

If I am ever going to learn to love again, I have got to let go of this hatred and anger I feel for Himself and his side of the triangle. I release them. I set them free. I release me. I set myself free. I forgive them for being themselves. I forgive myself for not being myself. I now embark on the wonderful journey of reclaiming my magnificent, sacred, holy, and happy Self.

The last Step 4 in the Forgiveness Process is to: Reconstruct your own life!

“Reconstructing your own life means getting back on track or even setting a new direction. The best way to remove suffering from your life is to act with the intention to reduce the suffering of other sentient creatures. It is better to focus on the future than the past. One of the beauties of forgiveness is that the more people in the past whom you forgive, the fewer people there are in the present who seem offensive. Also releasing old injuries cuts down on the reactive dramas of life and leaves your attention free to concentrate on reconstructing the life you prefer. The first and last person you need to forgive is yourself. It helps to remember that you always did, for one reason or another, what you felt you had to do at the time.”

“The ego is based in fear; spirit and soul are based in love. Live in Love!” Ram Dass

It’s been 10 years of letting go. I now see letting go as a constant 24/7 spiritual practice. Letting go with every breath! Letting go every time fear comes up! Letting go of self obsession! Letting go of ego!

Oh I was going to tell you all about the wonderful things I’ve done to reconstruct my self ; how I’ve committed my life to being of benefit to all beings; that I never even think about Himself anymore. But I still think about him every day and am seeing those thoughts be more loving as I let go. But again I see that I’m not done with forgiveness.

Rev. Dr. Jude is touted as an expert educator in natural medicine, nutrition and detox.

Jasmine Crystal Tara Be, however, is still very much a student. My teachers include: Pir Shabda Kahn, Prema Dasara, Dr. Steven Greer, Florentin Ionita and others.

At the same time as I began to finish this chapter on my Forgiveness Process writing, I’m working on an episode of my podcast, StarCircle. I heard successful authors continue to rework things. Like what I’m doing repackaging one of my old free natural health articles into a podcast.

It’s about all the wonderful natural health practices I did to recover from a broken back and life saving spinal surgery. I recommend these practices to others recovering from a life threatening injury or surgery, in order that they too might have a miraculous recovery.

The first time I carefully went over the article after not having read it in 10 years my eyes were opened to a powerful humbling experience. I was getting ready to include forgiveness as one of the important things one should do….

After the line in the article, then I broke my back, real bad…… Journal entries by Himself begin with the accident and continue describing the 12 days I was heavily sedated in the hospital. Himself was at my bedside 24/7 holding my hand. When I go home to his house from the hospital, his oldest daughter arranges a schedule of their friends coming and going around the clock to help. I had no money, was in a terrible mood and couldn’t even wipe my own ass.

Embarrassing…. Here I was just talking about hating this man and was instead hit in the head with a ton of bricks. For Goddess sake, Jude, show a little respect and a whole hell of a lot of gratitude. I wouldn’t have had the miraculous recovery that I did; maybe not even survived without Himself, his family and his community of friends.

People’s Party Action Against Ukraine War and NATO Expansion
May 13, 2022, 5:59 pm
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●     The People’s Party is against war and the conditions that lead to war. In Ukraine, the violence started seven years before the Russian armed involvement, when ethnic Russians were targeted by extremists whose aim was to silence Ukrainians opposed to joining NATO.

●     In 1991 the Warsaw Pact, a defense treaty between the USSR and eastern European countries, dissolved, with the promise of an end to the Cold War. NATO did not reciprocate. Instead, NATO kept expanding closer to Russia with military bases, integrating former Warsaw Pact countries: Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Croatia.

●     Once they join NATO, these countries are required to reconfigure their militaries, often through large loans, to become compatible with NATO weapons systems. They are also required to spend a minimum percentage of their Gross National Product on NATO.

●     The expansion of NATO has earned the top ten US defense contractors billions in profits. The conflict in Ukraine will earn them billions more. War is a business.

●     In Ukraine, the Obama administration staged a coup in 2014, replacing a democratically elected president who supported Russia with a puppet seeking to have Ukraine join NATO. After the 2014 coup Russian speaking Ukrainians mounted a resistance and called for a separate protected area in the Donbas region.

●     For the past 8 years, the new puppet government, influenced by Neo-Nazi paramilitary groups, has been shelling the separatist Donbas region and killing 14,000 people. The government and military are some of the most corrupt on the continent.

●     War profiteers in the Republican and Democratic parties have called to escalate the war with a no-fly zone, an action so dangerous that NATO has, for now, ruled it out, warning that it could lead to a “full-fledged war in Europe” and a nuclear war.

●     War destroys every aspect of life: familial, economic, cultural, environmental. The root cause is the existential risk that NATO poses to Russia’s security. NATO needs to be disbanded.

●     We stand with the people of Ukraine, who are being used as pawns for the profit of the US military-congressional-industrial complex.

●     We stand with the people of Russia who oppose this war but also have been called to kill and die in a conflict that could have been avoided.

●     We stand with the people of the US, who deserve good paying jobs, affordable housing, and relief from debt, instead of military adventurism that only enriches warlords.